Thanks for all the Spam!


I swear, if it weren’t for spam, I wouldn’t have any comments at all. :X Well, okay. THREE. I have like THREE comments. Oh well, my blinking WLAN light post still gets tons of search engine hits.

So I was wondering… Akismet filters spam comments, and I have this whole spam comment queue, and if your comment has even ONE url in it, it gets held for checking-over. Not that you can’t have links in your comments. Just it’s gonna get checked.

Naturally, I go to my spam queue and delete all the “new toys” and “used viagra” and ton of personal financial links in there. Ain’t nobody ever gonna SEE those comments, cuz they’re getting trashed. So why are they posting them?

Then I started thinking… are they spamming ME? I, the spam-queue-moderator, am the target of all these spam ads? Boy, these guys need a clue! I am the most advertising-proof person there is. Guys, I don’t even HAVE money to blow on whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

But I DO want to thank the kind, thoughtful spammers who crafted rather generic but praising comments in which to embed their spam links. That was very sweet of you. And, sad as it may be, I did enjoy those praises.


YOU SEE WHAT I AM REDUCED TO, YOU COMMENTLESS WORLD! ::shakes fist at virtual sky::


2 Responses to “Thanks for all the Spam!”

  1. bloodsong Says:


    Okay, I just got the LONGEST spam reply to this post. It was like 3 pages of e-cigarette information. Yah. Thanks. No, when I said I want spam, I meant the spam that compliments ME! :P””

  2. Astra Says:

    If you wrote all these entries into an LJ, I might comment more often ;)
    So all the time we talked about LJ you never told me you had a wordpress. Guess those two things are kinda similar in how they work? With the blogging and the tags? But yeah, I can see how it would be nice if someone commented once in a while or a discussion might even start.
    So, for you not just having to talk to yourself, here I am! (although for some reason I couldn’t see the pictures of the knitting, they were just thin stripes. I had to click and open in a new window to see them)

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