2011 Tomatoes


I had two patio tomato plants for summer of 2011. And a grand total of 46 tomatoes from them. I had to take off four before they started to ripen at the end of the season. One was blushing and ripened up that week. The last three gamely sat in the windowsill and eventually, they ripened as well.

I started nipping off flowers mid-October or so. They wouldn’t have had time to develop before first frost. That my have helped.

Also, I emptied out my soil. I think I will get new potting soil next year. There were a lot of grubs in there. I found some grubs in the mulch I got for this year. I don’t know, are those supposed to be in there? Worms I don’t mind, but grubs? I chucked out all the ones I found when I put the mulch in. Obviously, I missed some and they multiplied.



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