Water Up, Computer Down


My water is finally clear. It’s a tad murky, but at least it isn’t brown or yellow. So it’s drinkable and usable.

My work computer, on the other hand, is now refusing to start with a pci.sys error. According to research, that file should be easy to replace, but doing so has not fixed the problem. According to further research, it might not be that FILE that is fubar, but some hardware in the computer. This morning I ripped out each piece one at a time to check. I didn’t find anything; it still ain’t starting up. Though, to be honest, I did that backwards. You’re supposed to rip everything out, THEN put it IN one at a time.


You know… MAYBE I might be able to work on mesh sometimes next flippin year.

Meanwhile, I’m still half absent from being online.


One Response to “Water Up, Computer Down”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    IT’S FIXED!!!!

    it would have been fixed the first hour of the first day, if i had known that it was really booting off the 2nd hdd, not the first. so… replacing the pci.sys on the c: drive was doing absolutely nothing. replacing it on the d: drive did the trick. :X

    but hey… my computer got a good shaking out, dusting, and blowing. and the c and d drives had chkdsk run on them. which reportedly found and fixed ‘one or more errors.’

    ::pat pat:: goooood computer. niiiiiiice computer.
    don’t worry, she’ll hold together!
    …hear me, baby? hold together!

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