YouTube Reporting & Recommending


I’m really steamed at YouTube right about now. The other day I was minding my own business, playing my playlist I play just about every day, when some porn-looking thumbnail comes up on the side where all the other stuff I might be interested in is shown. As If!

So I want to report the blasted thing, get it out of there. Oh, well, “flag” it. And how do you flag a video to say to YouTube, “Hey, this might be disgusting porn you want removed from the site”? It’s on the video. Yes, that’s right, in order to get RID of porn, you have to go view the porn. I’m trying to get this thing OUT of my face, and I’m giving it MORE hits? How stupid is that?

Okay, so I’m brave, I click it, I DO NOT WATCH IT, I hit pause right away. I’m pressing the flag. The flag wants to know what’s wrong with it, and at exactly what time it happens. Yo, the thumbnail is where it’s happening! Isn’t that bad enough?? And like I’m going to watch the whole freekin thing and give you notes?

Plus, flagging it doesn’t remove it (of course), it just sends a message to the system to have some YouTube engineers look at it some day and decide. Oh, and don’t send your friends the link and have them flag it, too; you will all get suspended for mob-flagging. Dude, you telling me that to get enough flags to even notice this, I have to boost it’s view count? Hello?? The high view count is making it popular and making it be recommended more!!

On top of all that, the entire list of “recommended based on the fact you’re watching this video” on the side is top to bottom disgusting porn thumbnails! No, I am not surfing the entire library of YouTube porn just to flag it all. Ugh!

But wait, there’s more! Okay, you know, I don’t care when the video engineers get around to reviewing this thing, or they decide it isn’t really porn, the thumbnail just looks suggestive. I don’t care — I flagged the smegging thing to be removed; that means… I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT! Nevertheless, the same blasted porn video is systematically appearing on almost ALL of my playlist videos’ recommended viewing list. Fix your bloody programming so that if I flag a video as objectionable, it shouldn’t be recommending it to me. Hello?? Doesn’t that make sense?

Oh, yeah, while I’m asking for programmers to do actual work… how about fixing the thing so I can right-click on the thumbnail and flag it from there? Or right click and mute/ignore it so I never have to see it again? And/or right click and put the author/owner on my ban list?

The icing on the cake? I turned on safe mode. Safe mode makes all the comments on videos not visible. And the porn? Still recommended to me.


This thing is freaking griefing me. I can’t enjoy my playlist without fear it will pop up in my view. Honestly! It might be mildly amusing to most, but I’m an averstion-type asexual, and I find it highly disturbing. First it was on a Daft Punk video. Then a KISS video. Now it’s on a 300 trailer spoof. How does that figure? The thing has to be using some kinda SEO cheat, keyword spamming, flipping I-don’t-know-what to go viral.

And is there any way to contact the faceless corporate wall that is YouTube? Not really. I can keep flagging it if I want to go through that disgusting mess again. And get suspended. I did send in two ‘bug reports.’ Yes, bug reports. They can’t MEAN for videos I find objectionable to be highly recommended to me, can they? :P And for it to appear on a bunch of unrelated videos in a playlist? Got to be some kind of griefer trick. Actually, maybe I can report the user for harassment. Pfft, I should report YouTube for the harassment.



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