No Computer, No Water


Just a note if anyone is really desperate to find me… and I’m not on SL or forums or anything where I can usually be dug up….

My work computer has blown its power supply. At least, I hope it has, because I’ve ordered a new one. And if it blew the mobo or anything else, I’ll have to replace the whole bloody thing. Which I don’t have a budget for at this time. My main computer is still functioning. But I don’t have access to it all day. It’s a long, complicated story.

As for my water, it’s been discolored for over 3 weeks now; thanks to some disasters and floods. Don’t worry, my mom brings me clear water from her place every day. I just want to complain about it.

And oh yes, I certainly DO NOT have anything to complain about! One computer down out of two? Pfft. Discolored water instead of, say, having your WHOLE HOUSE swept away in a flood. Bah! And all that. But I ain’t crying and wailing and nashing teeth. Just sayin’.

I should have the power supply on Wednesday.

The water, I’m not so sure about.


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