IBEX 1.11 and The Deaf Box


So the problems I’ve been having with 1.11 aren’t fixing the problem with 1.1… but rather those fixes causing more problems. Today, after a few hours of careful study and testing, I figured something out….

There’s an event buffer for queing events; the maximum is 64. When the Main script is sending streams of numbers to the DB to de/select, it’s also triggering its own link_message event. The entire upshot of which is something unexpected…. The fact that the link_message queue overflow is apparently causing the listen event to stop firing at all. It doesn’t make sense, but there has already been a JIRA issue on link_message overflows causing the timer event to stop firing.

By juggling the location of the Main’s last link message to the DB, which is to get an update on the total, I’ve managed to rescue the listen event. This is very good news, as the listen event is the only way the HUD can communicate with the box! The bad news is, I haven’t been able to juggle the last “TOT” query into a position where the Main script can get the link message reply from the DB — because, of course, the event buffer is still full of 64 other link messages.

I believe I can work around it, but honestly… LSL…. This project is perhaps too ambitious for it. ::sigh::


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