Text Indent vs Image Captions


This is a bug report demonstration for the WP Happiness Engineers. Here’s the deal; for indenting my paragraphs, I use a div style = “text-indent:25px” thingy. When I insert images into the post, with captions, the images and captions appear fine, but the background/border of the image is crooked. Um, or the background/border is fine, and the image/captions are crooked.

This is a centered Image with Caption


SRS-42 The Bunny Bot

This is a Centered Image, shown in Medium Size


SRS-42 The Bunny Bot

Medium on the Left

I think this is putting the image to the left of this text. I had trouble doing that in one of my posts, because the image got shoved too close to the text.
Now, I can fix the offset caption border problem in one of two ways. I can change the title width to pad it by about 20 pixels. Or, i can go into my post code and close the indenting div block, and start a new indenting div block after the image. I prefer not to have to do that, however. So if the text indent is shoving the image and caption to the right, it should also shove the caption border to the right. I would think.

Or, this may just be expected behavior. Either way, I got no feedback when I asked on the forums, so I figured I would bug support. They can work on it or not.

Thanks guys! ::waves::


One Response to “Text Indent vs Image Captions”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    Word from the Happiness Engineers is that this is expected behavior, and I need to un div my images to get them straight. No problem!

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