LSL is a Dog


LSL, the Linden Scripting Language… is a dog. You probably knew that already. I knew that already. But I swear… the other day, I was SERIOUSLY screaming at it, and ranting about how it is only good for plastering floating text on things and making them spin.

You want to do any type of real-time scripting? Forget THAT! Stick to spinning things around!

I was working on an update to the IBEX code. I have discovered that it is dropping some items from the Search or Filter selections. I have discovered why: the Main script is telling the Database script which one’s to select. And the Database script is lagging behind those link messages and ends up dropping some when it’s buffer is full.

The solution? Well, if there’s more than 32 selections I need to message over, I have to build in a delay. Yes, you heard it right! In order to make my scripts work, they HAVE TO GO SLOWER!!! It’s not bad enough that at full speed they are taking a minute or so to do selections. No, that’s just too fast for poor LSL.

I tell you, I’m thinking about giving up on scripting. Seriously. The projects I want to do — the rideables and all — kinda depend on doing things in real-time. Immediately. Meh.

Anyway, expect an IBEX update to go out next week.


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