More Modem Problems – PC Link Cuts Out


Okay, this is a new one on me. I’ll be running fine, logged in, like usual… and every once in a while, the PC light on the modem and router will go out. Just for a few seconds! Then it comes back on. I checked the cables on the modem, the router, and the back of the PC. ::shrug::

A Google search turned up this remedy: Run the DOS command “ipconfig.” I don’t actually know what that does, it seems to just report your IP information for your ethernet card.

Answer Page

According to the anwer there…

ipconfig /release will release your ip
ipconfig /renew will try to optain a new one from your router

None of which I want to do, because I painstakingly set up my router/modem to have a static IP for running NWN. (Which, if I haven’t mentioned it before, stunningly works!) For now, I’m just typing ipconfig and then exiting. ::big shrug:


To run a DOS prompt:

Click Start
type in cmd in the little box and hit enter.


One Response to “More Modem Problems – PC Link Cuts Out”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    actually… it might be the cable going from the router to the modem that is getting a bit wiggy. i unplugged and reaseated both ends a couple of times. it seems to be better. still not sure about using ipconfig instead of rebooting the router.

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