Mesh is Killing Me


Uuuuuugh!!!!!! Okay, so one mesh object can “cost” up to umpteen hundred prims — depending on size and detail and other weird voodoo. Which made my rideable project not such a good idea.

So now I’m on to avatars. Except… ha-ha, all the avatar designs I have require displaced joints. Which is NOT going to be supported in the initial mesh rollout. But might come along afterwards.

So what am I doing? Something between Doodle and Squat. The avatar.blend file from Machinimatrix SOMEhow no longer exports a DAE that the SL mesh viewer can recognize as a rigged mesh. Until Gaia Clary figures it out, I’m stuck. Even doing a normal avatar mesh.

I was going to do some animations based on a body shape I created for a project, but the Mesh Viewer won’t render me, so I can’t get a snap of the proportions. I was going to test the ONE rigged avatar (that someone else made as a test) and the NotSoBigAVs crusher… but I don’t have it on beta. So I changed my SL password to force a beta grid inventory update… which hasn’t happened yet.

I guess I will play more Uncharted Waters Online. Geeze. :/


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