WordPress “Copy A Post” is Broken


Uh huh, and support thought I was nuts. “Clear your cookies. Clear your cache. Update your browser. Install Google Chrome.” BTW, do NOT install Google Chrome! Unless you want to have to do surgery to your computer to remove Google Updater. But yes, I tried all that. I have Firefox 3.6.18 — which is the latest in the 3.x series of Firefox. Oh no, do NOT try Firefox 4 and especially not Firefox 5, until they get the bugs out of it and make it stop deactivating security programs and other such nonsense. All kinds of grief over on the Firefox forums about 5 messing them up all kinds of ways.

But I DID clear my cookies, and my cache. And I (clueless fool that I was) tried Google Chrome. I even tried digging up IE on here somewhere, and Opera as well. “Copy a Post” doesn’t work on ANY of them.

And it used to work! When it first came out, I could hit Copy and have a copy of my post up and ready in under a minute. Now it just hangs forever. Now support wants a screenshot of what is going wrong. As if that will show anything, but hey. Oh, and they want to know if it happens on all my computers. Come to think of it… I don’t think I’ve tried on my upstairs computer. But I DO know that at least ONE other person on WordPress has this problem.

So, NO, it is NOT just me!!! :P

If anybody else has this thing not working, can you pipe up? I feel like a lone deviant out here….

PS: I asked on the forum/support, but no one there seems to know the answer, either. The Copy a Post thingy says “You can mark any post to keep it at the top.” But nowhere on this page or the Copy a Post support page does it explain HOW, exactly, you are supposed to mark these posts.



8 Responses to “WordPress “Copy A Post” is Broken”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    Support is now asking me if I have a firewall. If I need to turn off my firewall to press a button on a web page, something is SERIOUSLY wrong. But I’m still having faith this will somehow get fixed….

  2. bloodsong Says:

    It is FIXED!
    Um… okay, well not *fixed* exactly, but they finally found out what the problem was. No, it wasn’t Firefox or java, or the umpteen other browsers, nor ZoneAlarm or firewalls or what-not. The culprit? ::drumroll please::……………
    “The issue is that the copy post tool currently only works when the visual editor is enabled. This is a setting you can turn on at Users > Personal Settings.
    If you enable the visual editor the copy post feature will work properly.”

    As to why it worked a week or two after it came out (and I NEVER use the visual editor, as it strips out most of the formatting code I’m using) is anybody’s guess. And will they fix it to work in the other mode (again)? Dunno. We can hope?

    See? I told you if I kept hammering at them, they’d figure something out!

  3. bloodsong Says:

    Okay, I got confirmation. It IS being recognized as a bug, and will be worked on. Hooray for the Happiness Engineers!

  4. The Star Book Says:

    Any progress with this? It still doesn’t work, and I don’t have visual editor disabled.

    • bloodsong Says:

      You know, I haven’t heard back from them on this. I tried it a couple times since they figured out what it was, but no dice. I don’t know if I’m still on their list to be told when it is fixed, or if I should bug them again or what. Perhaps I shall.

  5. bloodsong Says:

    Update: February 20, 2012

    I asked a question about this again, and made it public so “others could see the results” or what-have-you. Then I could never find where it was again. Nor did it have any anwers. SO… I sent another inquiry to the Happiness Engineers.

    They’ve added a new note and case number to the bug report, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been fixed yet. They should get back to me when it does. …If it does. ::shrug::

  6. bloodsong Says:

    and, like, i mean ALL FIXED!! wait, is this from like 2 years ago? i should make a new post about how it is fixed.

    i dunno when they fixed it, but i tested it today after seeing ‘copy a post’ featured on a WP feature… and it jumps you to the visual editor, but you can click the text tab to get your html code back. so it seems to be working.

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