Fixing the Modem – Slow Web Page Loading 2


All right, I just need to jot this down, so I remember “what to do in case of emergency.”

Symptoms: Slooooooooow web page loading, Trillian works okay, no connection to SL.
Reconnecting the router and/or rebooting the router does not help.

Solution: Reboot the modem (not the router, the modem). If a system reset doesn’t work, try cutting off power to the modem. Also, double check the cable-line cable connection. While the modem is connecting (if it is taking a long time), press and hold the internet on/off button until the blinking pauses.

Note: the tech’s assessment was the modem might have gone into offline mode, and hitting that button should fix it.

The last time this happened, it was because AVG released code that was incompatible with Zone Alarm and made the whole thing FUBAR. I did a rollback to yesterday, but that did not fix it this time. Perhaps cable jiggling and button pressing should be attempted before rolling back. Good to know!



One Response to “Fixing the Modem – Slow Web Page Loading 2”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    note to future self: this is good when the orange light won’t turn on! remember: boot the router, THEN the modem!

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