Projects Come & Go


The BRR Project has been shelved for the time being. It was not feasible to do it in mesh and not expect it to lag the hell out of everything.

I am now working on the BoP project. These are Birds of Prey. Normally, I just say “raptors,” but with the advent of the Jurassic Park franchise, people confuse that with “velociraptors.” ::rolls eyes:: So instead of the cool word “Raptors” as the project name, it’s simply called “bop.” ::sigh::

I expect this project will go well. I have worked with eagles, hawks, falcons, and kites in Poser. The modelling is much simpler than the BRR project. The animations for the avatar are more complex, though they don’t have to be integrated with anything. And… if I can get my Fractal Design Painter working again (if i can find it), doing textures will actually be fun.


I am not currently looking to hire any help for this project — this could change in the future. I am interested in finding a business partner who is adept at running a business. If you enjoy that and love animals, feel free to IM me in-world for more details.


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