Formatting Rant


Okay, this is driving me nuts. Yes, I can get my paragraphs to indent with this div style code. But in order to get them to indent, I have to put a blank line before the fool next paragraph.
For example, this should be a new paragraph, with a nice new indent. Do you think it will? I don’t think so.

Now maybe you blog people write big long blocks of thoughts and need some breather space between each paragraph. And find indenting and TWO WHOLE SPACES after periods to be frivolous. But I’m a book person. We only skip lines between paragraphs when we want to do a break — like a scene change, point of view change, some time passes. Not huge breaks like chapters, but section breaks.
The rest of the paragraphs belong together, unspaced.

So what? Well, this is what: I’m writing fiction (not on this blog, on the other). And it’s been bad enough where I’ve written a lot of dialogue bantering back and forth, with a lot of short indented lines. When they’re all indented, you sorta lose the ‘indentedness,’ because they are all lined up. And this is not the greatest writing style, I’ll admit. But in some instances, it works. But with spaces between each line? Your eye could get lost in all that whitespace.
Further, I’ve been becoming self-conscious about how short my paragraphs are, when writing. Instead of naturally breaking where I feel a paragraph belongs, I’ve been trying to avoid breaks to have larger, more web-coherent paragraphs. While I believe I should work on creating more rich writing (more exposition and description), I don’t think it’s at all a good idea to shove everything together in one paragraph in an attempt to make it look better.

I might have to go back to writing on my forums, then editing in EditPad and inserting lines of “&nbsp”s where there are indents. Talk about ugly when you’re in the editor.



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