MP RPG Report 2

I was going to give up on these. Really, I was. Anything that has MMO in the name just can’t be RPG. Not to me. If you’re talking about “toons” instead of characters, and DOT AOE PVP, and farming and ganking and hanging out dancing with your guild… you’re not role-playing. If you enjoy that sort of thing, go right ahead! Have fun with it. But it doesn’t really do anything for me.

One thing would make me glom onto one of those MMOs in a heartbeat. Jousting! I love jousting. I can’t explain why, but I do. Now, don’t tell me WoW has jousting. I’ve seen WoW jousting guides, and things like ‘hover out of range and cast shield-breaker’ is not jousting. No.

What I would really love is an MMO based around, or at least strongly based on horses: raising, training, and breeding horses. And, of course, competing — racing, jousting, barrel-racing, cross-country, steeplechase, dressage. Huge lancer cavalry charges? I’d be all over that! And guess what? I found the perfect horsey MMO! Project Alicia by Ntreev. Which I can’t play, because it’s only in Korea. ::THUNK!::

But, while searching for horse MMOs (and trying to find one that isn’t girly), I found this other MMO-listing place: MMOhut. And… decided to try some more MMOs. ::sigh::


Now, on with some reviews!

Knight Online — FAIL

It’s about knights, and it seems to have horses. What’s wrong with it? When I went to run it, it tried to download its patches, and 1) kept saying it couldn’t open the zip files and 2) made AVG pop up, screaming about a Trojan in it.

So, I ran an AVG scan on it, and AVG excised the Trojan program. And hey! When i ran it, it was able to extract its patches! But then… after fully patching, it couldn’t connect to its FTP whatever.

So… it’s carrying a Trojan (to be fair, I don’t know if it’s really a legitimate program in there; though the fact it works better without it speaks volumes), and it can’t connect. TRASH!


(2)Bounty Bay Online — FAIL

The final judgement has come down for BBO. FAIL!

I finally signed up for the other help thing that belongs to this. I didn’t get a reply yet — not that I was looking for one. I did find, after scouring the forums (that I still can’t post on), the answer to my question….

Which is, if you screw up your Eloquence Stunt Points, you are FUBAR and have to start all over again. Not even a DM can help you. That, plus I heard that this has been several years in development (!?) and is still cruddy. And buggy. So, I hold little hope for its improvement.

Also, the neat little explorer thing I was doing? I have to bring back a goblet from the Parthenon to prove I’ve ‘discovered’ it. (The Parthenon has been there for, what? a few thousand years? I’m just discovering it now?) There is no goblet anywhere around there.

I discovered a ‘search’ action somewhere, and put it in my quickbar. Then I kept hitting it, hoping I would be able to find this goblet. Nothing happened. Then it started telling me: Not enough stamina. Try again after resting. Apparently, using the search skill sucks stamina out of you — without telling you. And all those times I was hitting the button it was doing… I don’t know what.

So I sat down to rest. They aren’t joking about resting. If you play like NWN, it pretends that resting takes 8 game hours. Or on some MMOs, you sit down and your health/stamina/mana/whatever bars recharge five times as fast. In BBO, my 115 stamina points were, in fact, going to take 8 full game hours to charge — and the game has a really slow day/night cycle, so it was at least 20 minutes. For me to sit in the grass and rest. Oh. Fun. NOT.

MMOhut lists another pirate game that sounds similar but is more polished. I will try that next.


(2)Pirates of the Caribbean

I finally dragged Jester into this one. He likes it! Sure, it’s not deep RP (or any, really), but you can’t beat riding in your friend’s ship, manning the cannons while s/he drives. We spent half an hour terrorizing the Navy.

I also figured out how to fish. I spent two hours fishing! :X It’s a well-developed mini-game. Also I raked in a fortune in gold, loot, and reputation points. In fact, I got hint notices popping up: You can now afford a Sloop…. You can now afford a Frigate…. Forget those, I want a rod upgrade!

The rod upgrade costs 1000 gold (the Frigate only costs 800 :X :X :X ). Heck yeah, I had that! And I snapped it up like some crazed fish affictionado. Because there were BIGGER fish down deeper that I could just barely see, and I had to get those!

The sad thing is… there are even BIGGER fish, and though my bait is level with them, they’re not interested. And it didn’t come out and tell me, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I can’t get past level 7 in fishing with a free account. :(

Jester has also reached the end of the main quests that free accounts are allowed to do, which has to be a mere sliver of the quest pie, if he’s done already. Again, I would gladly pay for this game to buy it, but just “renting” it rubs me the wrong way.

If you do buy a subscription, you unlock all the quests and levels and weapons and ships, and everything else. If your subscription ever lapses (you don’t renew it), you won’t lose any of your stuff. You just won’t be able to use it.

Considering that Jester and I can only play once a week or less, that’s like 4 play sessions per month. That’s not a lot of content for the money.

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