Darkspore: Bloodsong’s Bunny Brigade


So Darkspore came out. I managed to get into the closed beta, and of course the open beta afterward. I never got to try the PVP, though. Ah well.

It was addictive for compulsive collectors. I kinda liken it to… well, playing with a Barbie doll. You take your monsters (“Heroes”) out, you stomp through a level, you collect loot, then come home and try the new pieces on your monsters. New eyes, new horns and thorns and armor pieces, etc etc. And then, of course, you have to test drive them out by stomping through a new level, collecting loot, and… coming back home to try all the new stuff out again!

But by and large, besides the dressing up and they eye candy (it really is a beautiful game, with really cool monsters and monster weapons and fx), it’s really… boringly repetetive. If you reall ARE a collector, though, and want all 100 Heroes, you’re going to be spending a lot of time playing it.

I think I kinda got over it after starting from zero about 3 or 4 times. Though the mass chaotic destruction of Viper/Arakna/SRS-42 was a lot of fun! The biggest beef I have with the game is calling itself an “Action RPG.” Okay, um, NO. There’s NO role-playing in this game, whatsoever. You don’t even play your Heroes, you control them from the ship, so it’s not like they’re your characters. What it’s trying to say is that it plays like Diablo. You know, the 3/4 view, the stomping through levels, the levelling up… etc.

And finally! I get to post pics of my dressed up Darkspore heroes! Where’s the picture button….?


SRS-42 a robot of mass chaotic missile destruction… that looks like a bunny.
SRS-42 BunnyBot


Titan: a robot that… yes, looks like a bunny.
Titan the Bunny Bot


Why My Heroes Hate Me: Viper with bunny ears and a flower in his hair.
Viper in Bunny Ears and Flower


Okay, now seriously… my very favorite Hero/monster, Arakna!

Arakna: V2.12 shows hear early incarnation with mantis claws on her shoulders.
Arakna V2.12


Arakna: V2.13 shows her with the trademark scalp braids and buzz-saw style “wings.” Those are actually some insectoid part like the mantis claws, but edited with the recurve shape and large points.
Arakna V2.13


Arakna: V3 is from the last beta I was in, where I got up far enough to find her some real wings. Eh, the buzz-saw ones are more her style, though.
Arakna V3



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