Fixing the Blinking WLAN Light on my Router


okay this is just a quick note on how i fixed this blighted thing. see what happend was… i blew out the circuit when i was vaccuuming (only because i was running the heater at the same time), and the router got cut off. when i got the power back, the stupid thing didn’t remember any of its settings.

but that’s okay, because i have a backup! yes, an actual backup. just of the router settings. right, so i loaded that, and it remembered everything, and it rebooted, and…. the freekin WLAN light started blinking. on. and off. not *flashing,* mind you. Blinking. the last time this happened, i actually contacted live chat for linksys about it. they had no clue what that meant. in fact, i just looked it up on google yesterday, and google presumes i meant “flashing” (as in flashing the router), instead of blinking. router lights just DO NOT blink.

as i said, (crap i need to fix my comma key) this happened before. only, of course, i couldn’t remember HOW i fixed it. so today i am writing down what i did. before i forget!


okay: go to Wireless: Basic Settings. hit Apply.

that *should* break out a hidden setting where you can select a radio channel. since it was saved in the backup you don’t need to change it. but apparently, the radio was looking for that to be punched in. or something.

whew. now i can get work done today.



One Response to “Fixing the Blinking WLAN Light on my Router”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    NOTE: this is only for my particular Linksys with DD-WRT installed. I don’t know if this is helping anyone searching on the web for “why the (*#$&% is my wlan light flashing,” but I hope it is offering some clue at least. You might need to check the radio channel, try changing the channel, or apply some radio settings, even though they should already be applied.
    Good Luck!

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