Bloodsong Blathers


i had a dream, it was a huge epic battle dream, and as i was dreaming it, i was thinking to myself: wow, this is cool, i need to post it on my blog. of course… i can’t remember how it went, now. but hey, i was thinkin about yas!


::looks left::


::looks right::


::hears crickets::


right, well, i imagine throngs of adoring fans, anyway. i lead a rich fantasy life.


in other news: i updated my easter products for second life. and my boss made me whip out a tiny golf bag in one day. which… i actually managed. i was surprised. and i just now finished step two of my sculptris beast test. that failed, btw.

step one was to create a creature in sculptris. step two was to boolean blend the paws and other separate sphere constructions into the body in modo. step three was to poserize it. oh, modo can boolean it together all right. but it can’t smooth the transitions between the pieces. yes, i tried smooth. i tried the smooth sculpting brush. i suppose i can try smoothing it better in sculptris itself.

as for the BRR project… i’m wondering whether to scrap it all right now, and regret it evermore; or to continue on with it and have it totally suck. which would be the least painful, i wonder?



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