Nothing Going On


okay, look…. i *tried* to keep some semi-current updates on this thing. but frankly, nothing has been getting done.

the BRR project — i’m stuck because the file i keep trying to upload to the beta grid keeps crashing my client.

everything else in second life — just… i haven’t had energy. basically all i’ve been doing is jousting and giant snail racing on sundays. i did a run on the hoof it xc course for this month. i want to do another, because i wasn’t close enough to the target time i wanted.

oh, and i’ve been co-hosting prim charades with awen on friday evenings. not sure how i got stuck with that :X oh, well, she was feeling bad one day, and i said i’d sit in and help out and… next thing i know, i’m doing all the word lists…. what’s up with that? ;D


over on my dragon age life, i’ve been TRYING to work on some cutscenes. they just haven’t been cooperating. i have been doing some writing, but that is also going slowly. plus… it isn’t the writing i’m supposed to be working on.

if i could just point my brain… but it hasn’t been listening to me for years. it’s tough getting old. the lack of creative result has also made me very depressed this week. i’ve been taking my st johns wort every day since last week, when i felt a mood crash coming on. i think i’m getting a little better. which was relatively quick.

i feel better when i relax and don’t stress out about stuff. but then stuff doesn’t get done, and i feel BAD about that. so i stress and need to relax… stuff doesn’t get done… so i stress and… AAAAAAAAGH!


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