Getting the Hang of This Thing


i shake my fist at wordpress for not having a wissywiggy post edit thingy. no, the visual version is NOT wissywiggy. especially when you have to keep typing and-en-bee-ess-pee in it. however, i’m learning how to figure out what it will look like, so i’m able to adjust my secret codes accordingly.

i’ve also settled (::coughagaincough::) on a post format i like. speaking of secret code, you might have seen it on the front page sidebar. yeah, and my personally-created button to go from my front page to a new post. (no, YOU cannot make posts on my blog :P ). don’t know why they don’t have a widget for that, under the admin tools, at least. i guess…. “normal” bloggers just run their blog from the back end and never look at their own front page? eh, call me weird, then. i spent a lot of time on my front page look, i like to see how pretty it is!


this weekend, i have been playing the darkspore beta. of course… i can’t tell you about it. :X but you can go look at the site and read the forums. watch the cool movies. etc.

one thing i can comment on, is this “action rpg” label, here. as a role-player, may i just say… “oh… MY god.” the degeneration of online rpgs has come so far that now you can have an “rpg” with no rp in it. — which actually, is nothing new!!

first, let me point out the MMOs. no, not MMORPG, because i don’t see no RP in those suckers, either. i played guild wars for a time. do you know, in guild wars, it was considered the most idiotically lame thing in the universe to actually role play in it? people would laugh and jeer and say you were some kind of psycho, believing you were a character in a make believe world. yah, guys with names like “IM1337TermN8orOnUr@zz.” ooh, yeah, he’s a real… tank. not a brave warrior. not a soldier. a tank. ::shrug::

now, let me point out diablo. diablo is nethack on steroids. :X but aside from that, diablo has a story (that… you need to play through 3 times to get to your maximum level… explain that in rp terms, because i can’t). and it has roles. actually, it has classes.

so *I* call them “Class Playing Games” or CPGs. uh, this nomenclature hasn’t caught on anywhere. but it IS accurate! not just for diablo, but for all those MMO-noRP-Gs, too. you don’t play a role, you play a class. your class has special skills, you fill out your skill-tree, you group in a party of classes that work well together, blah blah blah. you jump through a richly-imagined world, glossing over the story and characters in it, just so you can max your levels, earn more skillz, get to PvP, and tank and gank and AoE and nuke, because that’s what you find fun about it.

and that’s fine; that’s fun. but i am a role-player at heart, and i’m all about fantasy and story and creativity.

btw, if you want to read a review of the rpg Dragon Age II, my character from dragon age played it with his buddy, and they have one on my dragon age blog. (yes, i lead a rich fantasy life! :P”” it’s a hell of a lot more fun than my real one!)


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