The Ostrich

this week was more or less a disaster. after adjusting the ostrich legs in modo, naturally it lost its sculpti-ness. meaning, it doesn’t have the right number of polygons, in the right order, with the right uvmap.

so i fixed it. i hammered on it for three hours trying to get it right on tuesday. only to discover that after i mirrored the leg, and deleted the 8 vertices in the middle of the impossibly thin polygons between the pieces, that i really, desperately needed those 8 vertices. :X AND — modo would NOT cut those blasted polygons to save my life!!!! annnnnd… some idiot didn’t do any incremental saves. yes, robin, you can laugh.

today, i deleted the other leg, and those polygons, and just did it all over again. i hate redundancy. then i didn’t feel like messing with posing the legs. i hate low motivation, too.

i tried sculpting the head in sculptris again. sculptris is wonderful! unfortunately, you can’t use sculptris’ tools to their full effect when trying to make sculpties. and the beak is just wrong. i need to somehow make a base sculptie sphere that is “cheated” to have more mesh in the beak area, and less in the back of the head area.

fortunately, modo has this crazy tool where you can grab and edge and slide it along the mesh. i’ve been experimenting with using it to slide the polygons towards the front of the sphere. eh, it hasn’t worked so great just yet, but… i’m still fine-tuning it.



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