Golf Tournament

i hate golf. my mom LOVES golf. okay, when she was a little girl, her dad and brother told her girls can’t golf. well….! she was determined to show THEM! and so, she can golf. she loves golf. she golfs all the time. she teaches golf. she could have probably even gone professional, if she really wanted to. but she’d rather play it for fun.

speaking of fun…. i did NOT find golf fun, when she dragged me around the golf courses all day long as a little kid myself. it was summer, it was hot, the sun was scorching, there weren’t any trees or shade. it was all open plains and mowed grass. and hot. and bugs. and oh yeah, walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk, find your ball, figure out a club, figure out a shot, wiggle your butt, line it up, do it again, WHACK! …. walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk….. for HOURS and HOURS! it was boooooooooooooooooredom, sucking away my life!

now a word about boredom. as stated in my previous post about being an introvert, my mind is always working. i’m highly intelligent and creative. boredom to me is excruciating. now, my mom never really “got” this. she would just tell me, “well, use your vast intelligence and high creativity to occupy yourself.”

okay, here’s the deal. it’s BECAUSE of my high intelligence that i’m bored. i mean, she can sit in the mall and watch people go by for an hour, and she can be entertained by that. (not calling my mom stupid, or anything, i’m just saying.) as for me, i sit down and in under ten seconds i can point out some really annoying behaviours. after that, the only thought going through my ‘vastly intelligent’ brain is: “omg, these people are SO BORING AND STUPID!!!” i’m sorry, but mundanity just doesn’t work for me!


anyway, back to golf. i hate golf. however, i have tried golf games in second life. why? i don’t know. perhaps, deep down inside, i have the capacity to like golf… if it hadn’t been crushed by unrelenting boredom when i was small and impressionable. i tried Cheeky Cow.* it was pretty good. they seem to have changed back to mature from adult, so i could probably go there again :X

but lately, i’ve been going to Green Acres. they use the freestyle golf setup made by fa nyak. it’s a lot less complicated than the setup used by Holly Kai (floG). you get a driver, a wedge, and a putter. that’s it. you don’t have to sit on anything to shoot, you just click your club and there’s a pointer. it rezzes a ball each shot, so you don’t have to worry about losing any. it has trails and a ball marker (that you can sit on to get to your ball), and you can pick a colour for them. if you buy the full version, you can golf anywhere. (well, anywhere that allows rezzing.) of course… not everywhere has holes. the holes are scripted to work with the balls. or the balls with the holes.

anyway, the three different clubs have three different flight patterns (well, the putter doesn’t ‘fly,’ but you know what i mean), you can use different power to hit… it’s a nice, slow, quiet game; there’s no button mashing; and hey… it’s challenging and fun.

so last week, Green Acres had a golf tournament for couples. i dragged awen to enter it, and she dragged two friends that were required to play. (each couple had to play as part of a foursome.) and it was a marathon — the tournament was 36 holes. we played 2 1/2 hours each of four days. now i’m exhausted and probably won’t play for a month!

also, we did pretty horribly. i had been practicing the week before and got 12 under par for 9 holes. but, that’s with re-doing shots. with enough re-dos and re-adjusting your aim and power, you can get almost anything in the hole. you know, like a 30-yard drive from under the ocean onto the green and right in the hole. and hey, i did that on ONE try! that was in practice though.

the tournament results won’t be in for another few days. i doubt we will win anything. (unless there are prizes for best pirate golfers and best sf-golfers. :X hey, our partner couple was bored, they wanted theme dressing. thank goodness gown and lingerie categories got vetoed!) the scores are on the honor system, really. so…. i dunno. i know *I* didn’t make any holes-in-one. :/

but maybe i’ll get a t-shirt for my echidna to wear. and at least we had a tonne of fun. and i shot some footage to make a video of me playing golf in second life, so i can show my mom. i told her about the 30-yard drive from under the sea, she said she didn’t think that was *quite* realistic. ;X


(*) — i was previously mistaken. it is Holly Kai golf course in Hollywood that uses floG — and they either took out their course or are remodelling it. Cheeky Cow uses the Freestyle Golf.


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