The Top Secret Project

you may have seen a note on my profile that i am sequestered away, working on a new top secret project.  well, i am!  mostly.  the new project is code-named BRR.  if you think that sounds similar to TRR…. you may be right.  if you don’t know what TRR is, well… chalk that up to my magnificent marketing expertise.  :X

the BRR project relies heavily on mesh, so i’m spending a lot of my time over on beta.  and… gah… using viewer 2.  (hopefully, by the time mesh hits the main grid, someone will have a 1.23-style viewer compatible with it.  hey, while i’m asking for miracles, maybe even boy lane will create a cool viewer for v2.  :X )

so far, mesh has been rather disappointing.  i mean, you can make great-looking stuff, but the question is, can you afford to upload it?  after you do, can people afford to buy it?  and — will anybody be able to rez it anywhere?  because mesh isn’t just “sculpties unlimited,” you know.  oh no, one sculpty is one prim.  but one mesh can ‘cost’ any number of prims.  like, oh, say 115. for one piece.  not even a very high-rez piece.

plus, you can’t just upload a mesh for ten ells, like you can a sculpty map.  they haven’t finalized anything yet — but how much the mesh costs to upload is going to be based on how many triangles it is.  so, you know, a 10-k triangle mesh (the one that came out to 115 polygons)… might cost a couple hundred ells to upload.

BUT, they’re still working all that out.  can’t emphasize that enough.


meanwhile, i also have a logo for the new business venture.  i worked on that after spending all morning trying to put an eyelid design into sculpt studio.  that turned out like crap… after 3 hours… ::sigh::  i’m going to give it another shot, but build it in modo.  at least that won’t take 3 hours (i hope!!).  sculpt studio is a good tool, but boy it takes forever to set up the slices.



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