The Ostrich

i’m working on a rideable ostrich, which is a prototype for some concepts of my Top Secret Project. the concepts involve working between sculpt studio, modo, sculptris (where possible),and poser. today was the poser part. man, i am RUSTY at this.

nevertheless, i got figure files created, and EZ pose code inserted. the joints were easy to do, and posing was easy. the bad news is, getting sculpties back out of this mess.

first off, the god of sculpties doesn’t like it when i hack off half the slices from sculpt studio and use modo to mirror one side to another. the resultant side is always inside-out. :/ not to mention the um… few slices i seem to have lost in the conversion. no, just leaving those lines on the uv map black does NOT help.

so now i need to figure out how i’m going to fix all that. maybe i can flip the polygons on the inside-out side. maybe i can add in the missing two slices by putting in ‘invisible’ collapsed points. in THEORY, all these things should work. in practice… nothing is ever as easy as it should be. ::sigh::



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