Another Good Week

well, it happened again; i don’t know how…. but i’ve felt good all week. i must be riding a small wave of manic-ness.
it started sunday… i finished a scene for a machinima video sunday morning, that i had been working on for three days. then after dinner, i took two hours and finished another (very short) scene for it. two in one day!
things are going well with my SECRET PROJECT work. i figured out a great name for it, and i’m working on a nice logo. even that is going well. (though inkscape just crashed on me.) i worked on my writing, i wrote on my blog. and when my internet cable blew out wednesday, i got a lot of graphics and stuff done, and even some jewelry. most of the stuff on my list has at least one checkmark on it.

now the trick… to remember how i managed to have a good week. the last time (thank goodness i wrote about it on my blog, so i could look it up) i chalked it up to taking breaks and days off, not stressing over working, and enforcing an early bedtime. this time, i don’t know. i’m going to guess it is from stuff i’m working on going so well. the cutscenes are flowing along, my graphics work has been going smoothly (mostly… i did croak my sculptris and lost a day’s work :X ), and i’ve been looking forward to doing all those.

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