I Love My New Blog!

not this one, the other one :/

::sigh:: well, it ONLY took me TWO HOURS to get TWO PAGES formatted the way i wanted. i typed it all out in sea monkey composer, flipped to the code tab, copied all the text and code, pasted it into wordpress…. then it read all the line breaks and newlines, so i had to go and delete all THOSE. and THEN it wouldn’t let me CHEAT and use a row of p’s or br’s or anything. no no no. i have to do a p nbsp slash p trick. ::twitch::

but but BUT! i figured out how to use the Text widget…. i can put in ANY arbitrary text OR html… .BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! I AM DANGEROUS!!!


of course, i nearly put my fist through the screen trying to find the links to my ‘news’ category.  because under the actual POST you make… it takes you to wordpress central’s ‘news’ category.  with ‘news’ posts by everyfreekinbody on the planet!!!!  well that certainly isn’t what i MEANT!

that’s okay, i found MY news category link… in a widget i had to take back out again after i got the link from it.  dont underestimate the widgets…..  hehehehehehhehe!


omg, i need a break!