Oh No! More Blogs!

if this thing eats my leading spaces and blank lines… I AM GOING TO SCREAM!!!! because i SWEAR…. when i imported my blogger blog blog posts to this thing, it changed my nonbreaking spaces into ampersands and letters and colons, and i had to bloody edit EVERY freekin post to put REGULAR spaces in. and hit enter instead of typing a break.
but, oh no, i just tried to edit a page, and the flippin page ATE my formatting! that’s right, just ignore me! ohhhhh, i SWEAR i’m going to toss these things and just make an SMF forum for my posts!!!

right, so… the news is, SOMEbody somehow talked me into getting a WordPress blog. now i have two. why? it’s a long story, and my RSI is acting up, and it’s past my bedtime and i’m getting tired and cranky. you can tell, can’t you?
but… the good news is, my wonderful writings and videos may get a larger audience share. and maybe, you know… i could get some fans. i don’t ask for much, do i? a couple of drooling fanboys?
at any rate, there’s nothing at either site yet, so no use blogging about it until the five weeks it takes me to tidy and organize everything. yeesh.