Handwriting Recognition’s Greatest Misses

    i have a serious video game injury, from playing doom for 5 hours a day, two days straight over one weekend. this was a couple years ago, i strained my elbow. yes, the tendons in that joint are important to how i play with keyboard and mouse. and type in general. it’s not quite tennis elbow, it’s pain in a different area.
    at any rate, because i love to write/type, this put a serious cramp in my style. (gawd, at one point my arm hurt so bad that i was typing in aol-ese to my friends.) so i got a nifty handwriting recognition program to use with my tablet: Rite Pen. it is a great product; you write right across the screen, and then an app pops up so you can adjust what it thinks you wrote. all without typing anything.
    i used to write notes with it, and at the top i would put ‘any typos are not typos, but bad handwriting.’ and then i started collecting a few doozies of how the software interpreted some of my scrawls. i haven’t used it lately, so here’s the collection of “Handwriting Recognition’s Greatest Misses”!

When Detected Touch functions come along, I thought, reef, (can wax my or menu win fixtures and fwaxiiglext!
I thought, fusi lam make pry own nevis with texture and fwvtmg Init.

(When Detected Touch functions came along, I thought, hey, I can make my own menu with textures and floating text!)

neediest scoffin mine.

(needless to say it’s in mono.)

If it isnt halfway down the side by the time curs phallus

(..by the time class is half over)

Iftherj Avnet narc in tine,
If thing do not bare iritis
Itll, do not bare the tire

(If they do not have the time)



More Stipa,

(before step 2,)

it almost touches atheists sdesbxvescrveve

(it almost touches at least 2 sides of square.)

If yon barathea compatible app,
If gon bark Photoshop’ cryphtlble app,

(If you have a PhotoShop-compatible app,)

Thy hadn’t made lulu wavy bellum

(They hadn’t made him feel any better)

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