misc: Bloodsong’s Ponystars Fund

    i’ve recently become hooked on ponystars through… a completely random quirk of fate search on google. i really shouldn’t. i really should give it up. i really OUGHT not to waste so much time playing around with imaginary ponies and lusting after expensive wardrobe enhancements for them. !!!?!

    but i have always been fascinating with breeding and genetics. oh, ages ago i had el-fish. a truly ground-breaking concept back in its day, with simple ascii files as genotypes for fish, that would render into beautiful (or downright bizarre) 3d fish. i remember i spent hours and hours and over 150 generations trying to breed a sky blue guppy with an american flag on its back. no, really, one of my fish came out with an american flag on its back fin. i’m serious! but trying to get THAT fin with the right body and the right colour… omg!

     then there was creatures and docking station. now these guys had genomes and artificial life. not artificial intelligence, artificial life. the first inception of this was also a ground-breaking concept. instead of trying to make the creature’s brain smart, it maps stimulus-response-result chains that develop behavior. my first blog even charted some of my experimentive exploints in docking station. (tip, read it in chronological order; that would make more sense.)

     alas, i didn’t have time to continue running avantasia-narnia. well… i had time to RUN it (it’s on my old computer), just not time to observe and talk to my creatures and see what happened and what behaviors developed and…. well, my narnians grew up so blissfully peaceful and happy in the docking station, i never had the heart to open up the portal to the main ship and all those dangers.

     thank goodness i didn’t get into scion chickens in sl. oh, *awen* did. and the appeal was there, too. i mean… okay, the chickens looked dumb. (sorry, scion). and only the tail and wings changed colour. but you could mix so may colours and see so many options that might result and you could try for…. aaaah, well.

    anyhow, now i have two accounts on ponystars, and next to no idea what i’m doing, but i want to breed ponies and see what turns out. call me nuts. but anyway… once per day (per ip address), you can visit my accounts and i’ll get 25 fairy gold (game money) to care for my ponystars. clicky clicky!

13T Ranch

13T Studs

but whatever you do… don’t get an account and start raising your own ponystars! and like requesting breeding from my studs…. or anything :X unless you really WANT to!