Bloodsong Blathers… about: A Good Week

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A Good Week

I want to commemorate the week of May 3rd 2009. Wednesday night, I was getting into bed, and I thought, “what a good day I had.” Now, I am depressive, so this NEVER happens. It was a really unique experience for me.
That day, I had a class to teach in the afternoon, So I was careful not to type too much during the day. (I have a typing injury – hence the handwriting software.) So I worked on scripting first thing in the morning, and then took a break by working on an animation for 2 hours. Took a long break at lunch, to read a book and pedal my excerciser. Had a great class, a relaxing dinner, and then gave a quick mini-class at the Art Door. It was all very productive,and all went well.
The whole week went like that. I was working on the IBEX project, which is an ambitious scripting project – the most complex set of scripts Ive worked on since making mini-games in NWN. I had no idea how to do it, but I’ve been working on it Steadily, piece by piece, and each piece keeps working out. I also enforced an early bed-time, and I have been MUCH less tired lately.
It was entirely weird. I wasnt manic, which I do sometimes when creativity strikes me. I was just mildly happy. I guess I felt the way normal people feel. It was SO bizarre.
There was a mild(?) drawback… I think I also started to be as intelligent as a normal person. THAT was truly scary. I mean… It wasnt real bad, but I did have a whole lotta “DUH” moments that week.
Anyway, for posterity: taking breaks, and taking days off, and going to bed early really did improve my productivity and increase my energy.

Now, however, I am back to my normal mood. :/

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