The Gospel According to Bloodsong: No Mod Items & CopyBot

Now I support your right to make your creations any perms you want. There are plenty of reasons to have no-mod items. Good reasons, like… resizing it will break the animations. Or change the physical weight of a vehicle and mess it up. Or turn your lovely work of art into a low-prim piece of trash. Or you want to sell fifty recolours of one build, rather than letting the buyer colour it however they want. Or changing the size will make the animations not fit it. Whatever!
I happen to like things that are mod. Cuz… I mod them! I like to make boots fit my tiny ferret, or my 7′ tall termagant. I like to make stuff lower-prim-count. I like to customize things and not have the stuff I wear look exactly like everybody else’s.
So this kick about making things no-mod drives me nuts. Even if you include scripts to resize things that are no-mod. *Especially* if you include scripts to mod things cuz you’re making them no-mod, cuz you don’t want people to copy your stuff! More scripts, more script lag, just what we DON’T need!

By the way, making your stuff no-mod does NOT prevent it from being copied. Oh, sure, it prevents the prim measurements and path cuts and twist information from being displayed when you edit/look at the object. Let me tell you something… by the time somebody goes in and looks at ALL the parameters for ALL the prims that make up one object, writes them down, and plugs them into prims they made themselves… you coulda made five other builds by then! That’s nuts! Nobody wastes their time doing that.
To be honest? Certain professional builders can just look at your object and throw together a copy by just eyeballing it, and forget the fiddly little numbers. So, really… making it no-mod isn’t saving you a darned thing.

What you really want to watch out for is CopyBot (and its ilk). If you think making your stuff no-mod is gonna hide the prim parameters from CopyBot, I got news for you! CopyBot is a client, not a human. It doesn’t need the little numbers in the edit palette. It gets all the prim parameters directly from the information streaming into your client to draw those prims on your screen. There is NO WAY to hide your prim information from a bot.

Okay, so if you want to make no-mod items, then make them for all the right reasons. Don’t make your customer base suffer with unneccessary scripts or things they can’t customize or re-fit because you are paranoid about people copying all your little prim numbers.
Oh, as for people copying your sculpt maps by screen-capturing the sculpt map preview — yeah, that was hella dumb on Linden Lab’s part. Just put an alpha channel in it, so it is invisible, or that only parts that spell out your copyright notice are visible.