November Plans & Mystery

things have been going well in-world. i worked hard a couple of weeks to push some new products out, and spent a few nights haunting the rendervisions isle halloween maze.
for november, i have decided to take somewhat of a break. i will still be working on second life stuff, and teaching a new cycle of classes. but i will not be focussing on new products.
instead, i will be working in poser to do some animations. look for a big annoucement about that… whenever i finish! i will be working in lightwave to try to teach this thing to spit out proper sculpty maps. and, lastly, i will take some time to tinker with a few personal projects. some avatar customization i want to do. oh, and that blasted ‘walker’ vehicle script. and i’m developing a new game….
anyway, just because i say i’m taking a break and not working on any products, don’t think that means you won’t see stuff coming out!