My Island Dreams….

Last night I dreamt that I got my island in Second Life: Mythical Forest. It was like getting my first plot of land, exciting, but fraught with worries like: did I spend too much? can I afford this? what do I do with it NOW!? And, will I lose it? Have to bail out, to sell it?
Then my family moved in and I was glad to have them visit and all, but then I thought… omg, where am i going to put the plots to rent out to people for money?

But the fact of the matter is, I’ve already BUILT an island. A bigger island than those in Second Life. Yes, I’ve built my own island server for Neverwinter Nights: ZABEA. (That stands for ‘Zeph and Blood’s Excellent Adventure.’) Zephyra built her home and her inn, and her little grove, but by and large, I built the whole island.
My Zabea Info Page<

The island consists of a town and outskirts area, with of course sewers, secret sewers, and the hack'n'slash crypt. The crypt has a lot of secret hidden places (some unfinished :X ). Then there's the 25 areas that make up the Mythical Forest and another dozen or so that make up the Mythical Mountains.
The Mythical Forest is my creation from long, long ago, on QLink. When everyone else was making taverns and inns, I made a magical wilderness area. It lives again in Zabea, but not yet Second Life, except the tiny slice I dubbed the Mythical Grove. Well, it's a start.

Lately, I've been missing Zabea. I did a lot of good work on that. Lots of custom scripting. There's my hidden lair… secret passages — oh, the beach, can't forget the beach. And fishing. There's the nearly unsolvable riddle in the Hedgemaze, leading to the Penguin Pit. That's a riot. And, best of all, the Rabbit Hole.
The Rabbit Hole is the surreal gaming area. I built a few minigames for it. There's the Duchess and her baby who's turned into a pig. Escher's Maze. And, of course, croquet — a crown jewel of my achievements. You use a penguin for a mallet and get a badger (or wolverine) for a ball. And a fish. The fish is important for controlling your penguin. Then, of course, there's the cheating. There's probably more code for cheating than there is for playing. Well, you have to admit, croquet can get pretty dull. Even when your ball DOES attack you when it gets annoyed enough.

Ah, I love my island, Zabea. Sometimes I wish I could show all the people I meet in SL my NWN creations. So… hey! If you happen to have NWN (and don't mind downloading a ton of hak files), and you ever want to see some of the really cool stuff I made — toss me an IM, I'll be happy to show you. (You can't currently check it out on your own, the server is down. :/ ) Maybe I can snag a group of people for croquet tournaments… and Demon Cards!