Divinity Talent List

 Divinity: Original Sin Quick Skills List

Just notes to myself on who has what.  At least, to start.  These can’t be ALL the spells…!



MAN AT ARMS======================

Battering Ram: straight-line rush through enemies @ 50% damage

Crushing Fist: smush! 3-4 dmg

Cure Wounds: +40 vitality nearby target

Divine Light: decrease will & str

Dust Devil: whirling blades @ 90% dmg

Encourage: Str, Dex, Int boost to allies

Melee Power Stance: dmg +25% toHit -10% +1ap


Ranged Power Stance:  dmg +25% toHit -10% +1ap

Ricochet:  10-15 dmg, branches to near target(s) <= 4

Tactical Retreat: jump 15m out of danger.


Fast Track:  temporary haste

Razor’s Edge:  stun target; 50% dmg

Walk in Shadows:  hide/invisible


Burning Touch: set fire 5-6dmg to nearby target

Flare:  7-8 heat damage


Minor Heal: 8 vitality to target over 4 turns

Slow Current:  slow a target


Bitter Cold: set chilled status, slow

HeadVice:  9-11 air damage; may cause blindness

Teleportation:  move target 15m away.  (15m up, drop for crushing damage)


Magical Poison Dart: 7-9 poison damage, may cause poisoned status

Midnight Oil:  create an oil spill

Summon Pet:  summons a spider


Bloodletting:  5-6 slash dmg, bleeding

Enfeebling Touch:  weaken target

Oath of Desecration:  give dmg boost to ally


Divinity Talent List

 Divinity: Original Sin Quick Talent List

Because I couldn’t find this when I did a search.  I just real quick copied down what each thing does.  I didn’t include pre-reqs.  Which, yeah, is probably important for designing a build.  :X

Elemental Affinity
-1 AP cost for spells if standing in/on element.

disengage and flee combat.

Arrow Recovery
20% reclaim of special arrows.

+50% dmg vs slow/cripple/knockdown-ed

Far Out Man
+2m range on spells & scrolls

Five-Star Diner
2x effects from food

attitude -20, int +1

heal if standing in blood

Light Stepper
+2 perception of traps

Lone Wolf
no companions possible, +80% base vitality, +2 Recovery, +2 max AP, +1 ability point at level.

My Precious
50% chance of gear not losing durability.

increase in weight you can carry.

Pet Pal
talk to animals.

+2 charisma -1 int

+1 blacksmithing, +1 crafting

-25 attitude, lowers chance of being attacked in melee.

Walk It Off
-1 turn duration for all status effects (good and bad)

What A Rush
+2 max AP, faster recovery when health <30%

heal from poison, take damage from healing

All Skilled Up
2 extra ability points

+10% dmg, crushing weapons

backstab with daggers and knives.

Bigger And Better
1 extra attribute point

Comeback Kid
if HP >1, a killing blow will leave you with 1 HP

immune to fear, can’t flee combat

-25% water resistance, chance to set melee attackers on fire.

Elemental Ranger
bonus for elemental arrows if target standing in/on element.

Glass Cannon
vitality -50%, 2x recovery AP

2x attack while sneaking

+20% vs stun, knockdown, petrify, freeze

Ice King
-25% fire resistance, chance to freeze melee attackers

Lightning Rod
immunity to stun

Morning Person
full health on resurrection.

attacks of opportunity

Picture Of Health
+5% x Man-at-Arms vitality

-1 AP for ranged weapons

+10% evasion

no defense penalty when flanked

normal speed while sneaking

Stand Your Ground
immune to knockdown

Swift Footed
+20% movement

Thick Skin
+5 base armor + Man-at-Arms x2

Voluble Mage
immune to muting

Weather The Storm
+5% x Man-at-Arms magic resistance

immune to environmental effects




I seem to have energy this week.  …!  How?  How did this strange turn of events come about?  I dunno, but let me list a few possible culprits.


First… I decided that when I got out of a depression and felt better, I would NOT stop taking my maintenance dose of St John’s Wort, which I take 3 times a week.  See, self, that’s what a ‘maintenance dose’ is for… maintaining a mood!  Normally, I would try to let my natural brain chemicals allow me to coast.  Which works, yeah.  Until the next mood crash.

Secondly… I’ve been trying this trick from The Water Diet.  This book is kinda iffy, since the author plugs his (expensive) water filtration doohickey quite a bit.  But in the interest of fairness, he includes other methods, such as the cheapest one… drinking lemon water.

I don’t understand exactly how it works… the lemon is citrus, which has citrus acid, but by drinking lemon water, it helps your body become more alkaline.  Go figure.  Now, biologist amonst you will know, it’s not possible to change your body’s pH balance.  See, but that’s the thing about the book.  It says that people are too acidic, and the body spends a lot of energy keeping it balanced to be more alkaline.  The theory is, if you become less acidic, you’ll stop using up all that energy.

Be that as it may.  I have a cheap bottle of (reconstituted) lemon juice, and I have a capful in about 8 oz of filtered water.  I don’t have it every day, but I’ve been drinking it for a couple of months, now.  I hadn’t really noticed anything… amazing.


I have noticed that… since the Daylight/Standard time change, I have been setting my alarm for my usual 6:20-ish-or-so.  But I’ve actually been waking up a bit before six.  (No, not from the cat. :X )  So I’ve been setting my alarm for like 5:50 and getting up.  Normally, that schedule keeps slipping later and later, but… haven’t had to do that.  Except on the days after a late night….

Want to hear something really freaky?  (Well, freaky to my future self reading this, not to you.)  This weekend:  Saturday… well, I was supposed to go to the grocery store and mow the lawn, but I got into a writing spate, so I did that until noon.  I also had to make pancakes….  Well, figuring I’d be wiped after mowing the lawn, I did those first.  And, somehow, still had energy to mow the lawn afterwards.  (Though I was contemplating skipping it and heading into a nap.)

I mowed (half) the lawn.  And… wasn’t all that tired.  I think I laid down for a couple of hours, or I had a bath (or both?).  But anyway, I didn’t even get on the computer until dinner time!

Sunday, I went to the grocery store, I sawed some branches off the tree/bush we have going by the porch.  Then I came inside and was on the computer, playing with my horsies.  Driving trucks in the mud.  I was going to meet Jester that night, so I should have taken a nap, but… I didn’t feel like it.  !!

So I worked on my digital painting a while.  And not only did I not have a nap, but I stayed up until 11-freaking-o’clock at night, typing in a chapter for G&B:R.  I totally was not tired.  Neither tired nor sleepy.  In fact, to me, it felt like around 7 or 8 pm!  In fact, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to fall asleep, and it wasn’t easy.  (I didn’t read, I wanted to rest my eyes.)

And I wasn’t even tired the next morning.  Wha???  How does THAT work?


I have also rebooted my creativity schedule.  Years agone, I figured out my optimal work schedule, which was to work 3 days and have a day off.  As a sort of experiment, I reinstituted that, on top of my job schedule.  Which is a little wonky, but on a work day, I will do my “work” (3d modeling, working on the digital painting techniques, and/or writing), and on my day off, I’ll goof off or do hobbies (ie: making jewelry) and stuff.

I didn’t think it was going to work on top of my job schedule.  I mean, I’m stuck at job whether I’m ‘working’ or not.  But actually, it has allowed me to buckle down and actually get stuff done.  Or at least work on it.  And sure, some days I get real frustrated real fast and have to quit, but… so far… I’m liking this.

In fact, when I’m stuck at job on a day off, I have a lot of time to waste, so… you know, I can even get back into Horse Racing Fantasy and stuff.

Actually, for my past two days off… I’ve been doing work.  Not cuz I had to work, but because that’s what I wanted to do with my free time.

First… I went to look at buying the hair that Seedee DeeDee uses all the time that I keep saying, “ooh, what hair is that?”  Well, I didn’t buy it because… frankly, I don’t have a character that needs it.  But RuntimeDNA was having a sale, and I happened to see a semi-related product… Little Fox’s Hair Modeling and Texturing tutorial bundle.  ON SALE.

Not just that, but… she uses Modo (which I actually have!) and Photoshop.  (Yes, I have that, too :P )  Like… OMG, a tutorial I can follow step by step!  (Well, I don’t have that UV thing she keeps talking about… :X  Yet…)  And, like… HAIR.  Hair for HUMANS.  Humans = Big Money.  (Animals = Niche Market.)  :X  I can make it for Poser AND Second Life.

So, naturally, I’m excited about that.  Always get excited about my “get rich” schemes.  :X

Where was I?  Oh, right!  So my first day off was on a job work day (try to keep up and not get confused between work and job), so I could work on the tutorial.  Which I did.  (Okay, it was slow going, because, frankly, I don’t use Modo that much that well.  But then when I switched to Lightwave… Boom, Baby!)

Today was another day off.  I went to the grocery store… contemplated going to WalMart….  But what I really wanted to do was work on my digital painting.  BONUS!  That went really well for me today!  Yes, not only did I not get frustrated, but I was actually happy with the results, and wanted to keep working.  I had to stop, though, because I was getting tired and unfocused.  But I feel so good!

It was even so nice outside when I went to water my salad garden, I was tempted to work out there a bit.  …!  Yes, I could have died from sunshine and fresh air exposure!  Eep!


My plan with staying on the SJW was to launch myself into a manic phase and try to stay there.  That didn’t work… But something is going right for me….  I’m happy AND awake.  Wohoo!



Salad Garden 2014

Yeah, not doing a good job keeping updated, here.


Celery:  we had two really hot days, and I was sick and didn’t water the poor thing… so the celery has gone kaput.  But it was growing along pretty nicely, I think.  I think better than ones that are cut all the way off.  They weren’t skinny little stalks, anyhow.

Cucumber:  we seemed to have fogotten that “Burpless Hybrid” is, in fact, a bush cucumber (well the label didn’t SAY, now did it?).  So my poor mom trekked back to Walmart early one morning only to find… they were all gone!  So.  back to the cucumber seeds.  These are Burpee Space Master, btw.

She put some of hers in a bucket and put it outside.  I think that’s how it went.  No, she had a terra cotta pot with no drainage holes.  So hers are in…. mud.  I put 3 in a plastic cup where I had punched holes, with some of my potting soil.  I got 2 sprouts.

I put the sprouts out in the pot today.  Plus I planted 3 more seeds in there, cuz it appears each seed only has one vine?  Last time I had cucumbers, I had five vines.

Carrots:  So what to do with this empty pot with no celery?  I figured what the heck, I will try to grow some carrots in it.  They’re vertical.  How much space could they need?  :X  They do want sandy soil, so I mised some sand in.  My mom didn’t know what kind of carrots to get (we totally didn’t research these things), so she got a medium-sized one.  75 days til harvest, it says.  Well… that’ll be in October or something… :X

Strawberries:  I dunno who’s been eating these, but it ain’t been me :X   They’re still putting out lots of flowers and I see plenty of tiny green fruit.  There’s one big fruit on there now, but it’s not all red yet.  And as of today, it hasn’t vanished.

Tomato:  I have to read the instructions on how to top my Early Girl, I think.  This thing is HUGE.  I have pruned off the lower branches, below the flowers.  I didn’t clip it down to five main stalks, though.  And yes, there are flowers, but last time I don’t think the first crop fruited, so I’m not holding my breath.  I am, however, trying to get them to pollinate.

Star Stable Racing

Wish I had been taping tonight’s race…


I went to Jorvik with Topaz.  Bolted out of the gate… ran my golden horse through the golden wheat.  Of course, everybody else goes straight over the jumps.  So I caught up to a white horse, who was faster than us…  except when I hit the slide(s) on that hill!  Whee!

I had the interface turned off, so I could see the paddock pretty well.  Looked crowded.  I went around.  The white horse cut across — and got stopped.  Sucker!  :X  Tearing around the houses, the well, down the straightaway…  Then a dark horse was coming up behind us.

Not faster than us, though.  But!  I clipped the car!  They passed us.  Now it was a chase through Stablebucks, and up the zig-zag.  Corner like a jaguar, baby!  But we still couldn’t catch up.  Then zipping around the fountain, serpentining under the stairs…. suddenly, we cut a sharper turn and came ahead on the inside!  We got ahead down the stairs, across the city.

I turned into the wheat fields, but they didn’t.  Probably gambling we’d clip the applecarts or the fence — which is a decent gamble, because lord knows I do all the time.  But NOT this time!  Sailed over the carts and fence and came in FIRST!





Butterfly Tests

I decided I wanted to use my polymer clay to make a purple butterfly pendant for a necklace.  How to do that… eh.

I traced the outline onto a piece of waxed paper and taped it to my WigJig.  Then used my 20g practice wire to make an armature.  It has two right angle bends that stick out the back, which is why i need to build the pendant on the jig, so those bits have somewhere to sit while the rest is flat.

The test butterflies are in green and yellow.  So I don’t waste my good purples :X  The first one is cut in the shape of the wings, the second one is free-form molded by squashing.  It’s a little difficult to put the wire through the clay and hit the jig holes just right… but I managed.

Then some really hideous attempts at making wing pattern designs.  BTW, they are 2″ wide by 1 1/2″ tall.  Hard to tell with the close-up photos.




Opacity test.  Magenta, Rainbow Glitter, and Infrared over green.

Opacity test. Magenta, Rainbow Glitter, and Infrared over green.

This is Sculpey.  I set it by boiling them 10 minutes.   Then painted with glitter nail polish that I got at the dollar store.  With the camera flash, they look kinda grungey.  But it’s Seashell gold and Green Glitter.  The Green on green turned out the best, I think.  The gold on yellow and green wasn’t bad, either.  Making dots was a bit iffy; I need to be more careful if I want to try that.

The bodies are Wired blue, and Diamond covered with Green Glitter.

I definitely need to try to make the wing pattern from a cane method.  But I’ve never done that, and I don’t know if I even have enough clay.  Oh, and my mom thought they should have antennae, so I suppose i should put a wire in for that, too.


I haven’t tested the breakage likelihood as I try to bend the posts into rings.  I’ll do that now….  Okay, they were sturdy enough.  The amount of wire sticking out, though, is not enough for a full ring.  I can attach a jump ring to the curve, though.  I suppose I should string one up and wear it around.

Salad Garden 2014


This year’s salad garden is… um, 3/4 here!  Apparently, bush cucumbers aren’t started yet.  I’ll be using my two huge pots and two buckets my mom gave me last year.  And in addition to my tomato and cucumber plants, I will be adding celery and… strawberries.  Okay, those aren’t for the salad.

I was thinking of trying for carrots, but they need thinner soil.  Plus, you can only start them from seeds.  Or broccoli or spinach, but…  that all seemed kinda complicated.  So I got Quinault Strawberries, which are supposed to have good harvests in the spring and fall, and some sort of trickle of production through the summer.  We’ll see if the birds get any….


Here’s my cost list so far… keep in mind, I’m reusing potting soil from last year.  Plus, of course, all my pots and buckets I already have.

  • $12.00     2 bags compost @  5.99 each  (I ended up only using one.)
  • $9.67        3 strawberry plants @ 2.98 each
  • $1.61         1 early girl tomato plant
  • $1.29        grocery store celery
  • $24.57     TOTAL


The celery I have is from the famous regrowing celery blog instructions, which you may have heard of.  Um, I didn’t use organic celery.  And I didn’t chop off all the stalks, I left the center ones intact.  They’re too small to eat, anyway.  It seems to be okay…. I had it in water for a week, but I didn’t see any roots or “amazing” fast growth of the leaves.

It didn’t die, so I buried the base in new potting soil in one of the buckets.  It still didn’t die, and the leaves seem to be getting some more height to them.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m a little worried that it’s too hot here in the summer for it to do well.  Celery seems to like it cooler.

The celery went out… uhm, in late April.  The strawberries and tomato went out today, May 10.

The strawberries already had a ripe fruit that I ate on my pancakes, and there’s another one ripening up now.  To Early Girl tomato is a smaller plant than I usually get, not even any flowers, yet.  But I think this is a bit earlier than I planted last year, so I went for a less advanced (and cheaper) one.


Oh, here’s a question… my bucket soil had a lot of centipedes in it.  I don’t know if those will hurt the plants, but I chucked out as many as I could, since I don’t like bugs.  Worms, okay, but centipedes?  Euw.  That was from them being stored in the basement/garage.  Next time I’ll put the lids on the buckets.


Happiness Journal


Once upon a time, I had a really good day. I wrote it here somewhere in my blog for future reference on things that may have contributed to that. It also occurs to me that maybe I should keep a journal of happy things, considering how depressed I often get. This way, when I claim the universe hates me and nothing good ever happens… well, I can look up stuff that I’ve forgotten.

Today’s happy story is courtesy of Star Stable. Did I mention my lifetime membership to Star Stable is the best 55 bucks I ever spent? So glad I did that. (So glad I did that on sale, but even not on sale… it’s a great game.)

So it was like my lucky day on Star Stable. I finally logged on early enough to get to the Jorvik championship. And, I have no idea how, but I came in second.

I took off with my trademark fast start. Which was sort of a mistake, because I still don’t know where I’m going on that thing. :X I ran to the left all by my lonesome, then I got to the shortcut down the side of the hill. I knew there was a shortcut there, but not exactly how short to cut it…. So I ended up riding down the side of the hill next to the road and hitting the containers at the bottom. That’s not the way to go :X

Then I tried to follow someone through the paddock, but I hit the fence. Went the long way around, buncha people passing me. I passed a couple people, maybe one on the bridge. But then I went the long way through the cafe, to avoid hitting the tables….

We cut some really good corners going up the zigzag to the top of the wall. Passed someone, there. Went neck and neck around the well, but then the other person hit the wall. Someone tripped on the stairs, passed them….

We dodged the wall of planters, passed someone else skipping through the doors (Topaz and agility FTW!)…. Then I said, “Hey, why don’t people cut through this wheat field here?” And discovered that they REALLY don’t want you to do that. They got those banner strings in front of the fences. And, as I discovered the other time I tried it, big apple crates in the way. :X But we jumped into the field, clipped the fence… jumped out, clipped the fence… and somehow were the second ones to finish.

Go figure.

The funny part of the story… the next day, when I KNEW what I was doing and where I was going…. Totally came in like 7th or 9th or something.

Anyway, but Tuesday, my lucky day (as I mentioned)…. After the Jorvik championship, I went back to Moorland. Got there early enough to do a practice run. Which we Aced perfectly! Got back to the starting area and I said, “Just did a perfect practice run; prolly gonna mess up big time in the race.”

But, no! In the race, we ran it perfectly AGAIN! Out in front, all the way, baby! Even on the hairpin turn; no crashing, no falling off the side. I started to worry a little bit just before the polebends, but naaah! Do it like we practice, Topaz! Whoosh! First place! HOO!

And that next day, the bad day? Did the Fort Pinta. Yeah…. I avoided the uphill hay TOO well and missed the blasted checkpoint.

But my happiness journal is about the GOOD races!


Wire Wrapping 1


A Christmas (or three) ago, I bought a wire-wrapping handbook: Pop with Pizzazz Jewelry, by Raymond S Ihrig. Finally, I got around to trying it for my first wire-wrapped gemstone project.

I have a piece of green fluorite from the Nature Company store, that I got in a box of mineral/gemstone samples, oh ages ago. Back when there were still Nature Company stores. :/

The book is very good, although its first and primary technique is for wrapping faceted quartz crystals. You can see below that my stone is very rounded.

Wire Wrap 1

Eh, I’m not happy with how it turned out. Especially as it turned out like a bug-eyed, green alien weeble. :X But, not the fault of Ihrig’s technique, just me being a little clunky with it.

I somehow got the wires too tight around the side about mid-way through the work. That made it hard to put the gem in (it can slip in and out during the initial phases), and/or made it too easy for it to fall out. I’m thinking a rounded gem needs a wider ‘cage.’

The bail is wayyyyy too long. But I was following instructions, and it said wrap it all the way up. So I did. Well, at least I didn’t mis-measure the wire and end up with it too short!

My spirals are lacking… I haven’t been able to do good spirals lately; I don’t know why. My pliers won’t grip the wire enough for me to bend it any more… unless I really squeeze and deform the metal. I ended up doing most of these spirals with my bare fingers. (Ow.) I got nylon jaw pliers to not mar the wire, but they won’t grip enough either. I used to be able to do this!

I’m thinking I need a spiralizer for my WigJig.

I had a really hard time with the slipping a blade between the middle wires to rachet them open. I finally got a razor blade in, but I ended up cracking it. Not sure what I can do for that. :/

Now for the parts I did well… first, measuring! Got that right at least. Also, I got the binding wires on really well. Those little coils that hold the frame together at the 4 points. I’m proud of those.


I think I will have to try a different type of wrap next time. I’m thinking of an S-shaped curve going up the front and back. Not sure how I will manage that, but I will doodle.


Bloodsong’s Obsession: Star Stable

Okay, it is with extreme chagrin, yet pride, that I announce… I am addicted to Star Stable. What is it? Well… it’s basically riding horses and playing dress-up. :X Yes, it IS a game geared towards younger girls.

You may laugh. Go ahead. But I’ll tell ya, until Alicia Online comes out in the USA/European market… this is what I’ll play. (And no, I don’t want to steal Korean social-security numbers to get onto the original server to play Alica Online. :P )

The game is free to play, but limited. You can get to about level 4, and you can ride around at the base stable lands and a mid-sized town. But you can’t unlock other areas or do other quests until you become a Star Rider. Important quests like learning how to jump with your horse.

You can buy Star Rider membership by the month, or you can become a Lifetime Star Rider. Depending, of course, on how long you think you’ll want to mess around with this game. I got my lifetime membership on sale, so it was 55 US$ and came with 2400 Star Coins, which are the elite (real money) currency. There’s in-game Jorvik Shillings, too. But you can’t buy more horses with them. ;) (Also note: besides being able to buy Star Coins separately, Star Riders get a weekly stipend of 100 SCs per week.)

My friends looked at me as if I were ten kinds of crazy (and not the good kinds), but frankly, I’m happy I bought it.

Once you unlock the roads to the rest of the country of Jarlaheim, there’s a HUGE world to explore. And it is very pretty, too. I find it a little disconcerting to occassionally see a car drive by on the roads… and the combine harvesters scare me… and I did almost get run over by a bulldozer once…! But it’s not supposed to be a medieval fantasy game.

Also, there are tons of quests. Now… some of them are, quite frankly, really goofy. Like the bridge-building quests. Donald the Builder is afraid of heights, so he can’t go out onto the bridge to survey the damage that was done to it. Why don’t you go do that?

Okay, the bridge needs planks. There were plenty of planks in the warehouse, but they were on the top shelf, which of course, Donald the Builder couldn’t climb up to, so… he has no planks. That’s okay, you can MAKE planks. If you take these tools and go unpack and assemble his plank-making machines for him.

Once that’s done, you need logs. No, fortunately, you don’t have to cut down any trees yourself! But go take your horse and haul a log over here. That’s really good. Then Donald the Builder puts the log under his truck wheels to keep it from rolling. D’OH!!

That quest was quite irritating. There’s another quest line with this stuck-up snotty little brat named Loretta. She insults you, your intelligence, your riding ability, and your horse’s name. Then she disappears. (There was great rejoicing.) And, as far as I’m concerned, she can stay gone!!

Sadly, to unlock the bridge quest area and the rest of the country, you have to do the “Find Loretta” quest. Sadly, she did not get flattened in the rockslide. But once you find her, you don’t really need to talk to her any more.

Although, yes, eventually, I will. The quests are rather linear, really. Not optional. Oh well. I’m told Loretta eventually becomes your friend and lets you into her club. Not me, sister. Sorry, I do not make friends with stuck-up snotty brats. And I don’t want to be in their stuck-up snotty club.

Another thing I like about some of the quests (although at times it can be annoying), is that some require you to come back another day. In the game, you can pay to ‘stay overnight’ at one of the stable lodgings (for a fee) and get to the quest that way. But I actually like how it slows the game down, and doesn’t let you glut yourself and play for 5 hours straight and finish the whole game in a couple of days.

The Star Stable Online Ridethrough blog has a whole list of quests, by which day they become available. Going at full speed, there’s at least 68 days worth of play, there.


Now, if you’re not a young girl, here’s some things you ought to know about the game. First, your character can only be… a young girl. Well, a young adult woman. A friend of mine also mentioned there’s only white folk in the game. While this is not 100% true, the game was developed in Sweden, so… it is not exactly ethnically diverse.

You can only pick a first name from a list, and build a last name from two lists. The first names, of course, are all girl names, even if you wanted to play a boy. Though some can be somewhat androgynous. And some look like boys names. (I keep reading Svea as Sven.) Horse names are similar. This, of course, prevents anyone from inputting any inappropriate words or names.

There is no live chat moderation, but they implement some form of ubercensor that bleeps out any unrecognized or unsanctioned words. And typos. This has it’s own problems, as half the names the game uses don’t seem recognized, and for some reason the other night I couldn’t say the word “stables.” Numbers are not allowed either numerically or typed out. (I presume this is to prevent people stating their age, grade, or telephone numbers.) But it’s also annoying trying to tell people how long until an event, for example.

The horse implementation is very well done. The animations are fantastic. And I can be very picky about my horse simulations! I like the controls, and I like the stats they set up for the horse and rider. Of course, you need special gear to boost your stats to compete in races, and you need higher levels for some of the gear, so you have to keep doing quests and levelling… It’s very engaging.

That, and the playing dress-up. :X Because you can go to any shop/stall and preview any/all gear for you or your horse. Mix and match, find the best styles, your favorite colours…. :X If you like catalogue shopping, there’s also a database of all the gear in the game.

And did I mention there’s pets? There’s adorable bunnies and puppies and kitties you can carry in a saddlebag with you! (Okay, actually, the kitties look a little wired, but the other pets are sooo cute.) And there’s fishing. I haven’t found out WHERE I can fish yet (or if I need a quest to unlock it that I haven’t gotten to yet), but… OMG… Horses, Pets, and Fishing? This is like the Xanadu of my gaming loves!!!

You can check out my picks on my Flickr, under Ponies & Horses.


Hah, so anyway…. It’s free to give it a look, so why not? My name on there is Tanja Darkforest. (But call me Tarja, because that’s the name I actually wanted. Although one or both are probably censored out.)